Sunday, June 28, 2009

Home Again.

1. Rachel Haguewood, Donnie Allen and Savanna McQueen during a long day at camp.
2. Sunrise at the Three Sisters
3. Mother and daughter on Family Night.
Our two week trip to the George Town, Exuma, Bahamas is now over and all of our team members are back home. A flight delay due to a medical emergency on board made for a long day as some of our group did not arrive back to their homes until 3:00 AM ..or Needless to say, we are looking foward to a full night of sleep. Over the next few days I will attempt to post a few photos and give more information about our trip. Again we wish to thank all of those who supported us on the trip and for the prayers that have been offered. Now for a little sleep and hopefully we can add more tomorrow.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Back on Line!

1. Reststop on the way to Williams Town.
2. Kelly and Anne Marie Garside
3. Part of our group in Bible study.
We are back on line after a few day without internet service.
Camp is going great with 25 in attendance on Tuesday and 35 on Wednesday. Last evening we traved to Williams Town to met for Bible study in the home of Kelly and Anne Marie Garside. This a very gracious couple who made us feel at home. They live in the only log cabin in the far as we know.
Tonight is Family Night and we are hoping for another great turnout. This is our opportunity to meet the families of the campers and to start building relationships that, hopefully, will lead to the saving of souls.
More infor to follow............we hope.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Another Great Day at Camp!

Campers during our mid-day activity time.

Cool breezes, overcast skys and no mosquitoes helped to make Tuesday a great day at camp. We also saw an increase in attendance from 16 to 25. It was probably our best day of camp so far.

Before dawn today we has severe thunderstorms with plenty of rain, but there was no rain throughout the day. The breeze made outdoor play enjoyable and there was just enought sun to keep the mosquitoes hiding in the the bushes. This group of campers is especially fond of singing and that makes for great excitement.

Tomorrow night we plan to travel to Williams Town on the island of Little Exuma and have a time of fellowship and Bible study in the home of Kelly and Anne Marie Garside. Kelly is a member of the Exuma church and Anne Marie regularlly attends services. Kelly is a Canadian by birth and Anne Marie is Bahamian. Hopefully, we will have photos of the Garsides for tomorrow's blog.

We now have just three more days of camp and the we will be on our way home. Please keep us in your prayers, as we keep you in ours.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Second Week Begins


1. Jr. Counselors Katilyn Richardson & Savanna McQueen
2. Nancy Haguewood, Kim Clark & Sarah Montgomery in the kitchen.

3. Suzette McQueen working with campers in crafts.

4. Campers participating in a skit in Bible class.

5. Zach Crowder leading singing.

Today we began our second week of Exuma Christian Youth Camp and it was a good day for campers and staff alike. Our numbers were low due to it being the second week and the change in the location of camp, but it was the beginning of another great week. Our camper count today was 16, a good number for Monday. As usual we beging each day with singing and today Steve McQueen, his son Stephen and Zach Crowder were our song leaders.

Our Bible classes this week are being taught by Catheryne Porter of Charleston, South Carolina. Catheryne, also a 2008 Team Member, was in Germany last week we are thankful that she made it back in time to be with us in camp this week.

This week Suzette McQueen and her sister, Natasha Campbell, are leading our campers in crafts this week. Natasha, who has been living with the McQueens for a few months, will soon be going back to her home in Ft. Lauderdale.

Two of our first week campers, Kaitlyn Richardson and Savanna McQueen, are this week serving as Jr. Counselors and doing a great job.

This morning Gaye Tate and Joyce Gowin left camp in preparation for returning to the U.S. Gaye has made seven trips to exuma, both on door-knocking and camp missions. Joyce has served for five years as our crafts coordinator.

Today there was no rain.....overcast skys and fewer mosquitoes flying about. That makes for a good day. Add that to the fact that we have great group of campers and we are calling today a great day.

Also, today was the first day for Nancy Haguewood and Kim Clark to be serving as cooks. It was a great day in the kitchen and we are looking forward to a continued great week.

Thanks for all the prayers and support from our family members and friends.

We also thank our family memebers and others for your prayers and support.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

This morning we enjoyed a time of worship with our Bahamian brothers and sisters. After worship we fellowshiped around bowls of Brunswick stew and cornbread. It is always good to share time with our Christian family.

After lunch John David and Elizabeth Morgan made the trip to George Town International for their flight to Miami. This good couple from the Ringgold Church of Christ, Ringgold, Georgia, were our Bible teachers for the first week of camp. They also fought hard defending each other and their students from the swarm of mosquitoes that often resided outside (and inside) their classroom. A highlight for the students in their Bible class was the opportunity to take down Goliath. Students acting as the young David, threw Velcro wrapped balls at the head of Goliath. When the ball stuck.....Goliath was down!

At 3:10 PM Catheryne Porter arrived from Charleston, S.C., via Atlanta. As she made her way through immigrations and customs, John David and Elizabeth boarded the same plane on their way to Miami. As Catheryne and I arrived back to the teams apartments in Mt. Thompson, we saw the majority of our team members floating in the aqua waters of the Caribbean. This team knows how to work hard and to enjoy their times of relaxation.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Saturday, June 20th

Photo: One of our "First Week" Campers
Today is our day off. Some slept in, some washed clothes, some walked on the beach. At 10:30 AM we drove to George Town to the craft market and to pick up a few supplies. As George Town sits on the bay the view was spectacular. Looking across at Stocking Island and the boats anchored in the bay was a treat. The craft market is one building and has the regular tourist items; t-shirts, hats, beads, bracelets, necklaces, etc.

At about 2:00 PM we took Kelsey and Ashton to the airport for their flight to Miami and then to Atlanta. Once there we learned that the flight would be late and that they would reach Atlanta at about midnight. That's if the incoming flight to Exuma arrives early enough. If not, then tomorrow is the only option. We are now back at our apartment waiting to see when American Airlines will be ready for us to drive to the airport.....about ten minutes away.

Update: Ashton and Kelsey few out of George Town International at 5:00 PM. We wish them safe travel. By the way, Ashton Clark was our sports/games director for camp and Kelsey Gurganus was the counselor for our third grade campers.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Help Has Arrived!

At 7:10 this evening Nancy Haguewood and Kim Clark arrived at George Town International from Atlanta via Nassau. These ladies are members of the Seneca Church of Christ in Seneca South Carolina. In fact, the majority of our team members are from the Seneca church. Nancy and Kim will be assisting in cooking and serving approximately 500 meals to our campers and staff over the next week. To celebrate their arrival we ordered grouper, snapper, conch and chicken dinners from a local vender. Tomorrow we are sleeping in and then heading out to do a little shopping and sightseeing.